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Hey I’m Kenneth Brady CEO, and creator of Positive Minds Only LLC, and podcast. I’m a father of 6, and an occasional vegetarian who loves steak, but before you can know, who I am today you have to know my past.

From Humble Beginnings

I was born on March 14, 1990, in Atlanta, GA, the middle of 5 children. After being taken away from my mother and father at the age of 3. I would be raised in Gary, IN, by my grandma, and great-grandmother. We were raised in a 3 bedroom home where my siblings and I shared the smallest room, and for many years there was only one bed, which was mostly occupied by my eldest sister. That’s where the seed of independence was planted; not having a mother or father to rely on, my siblings and I would compete for the attention of our grandparents. This is also where I learned to rely on my gifts to get ahead in life, which included using my intelligence, drawing, singing, and my forward thinking mindset.

Serving Country and Family

After graduating from high school, I would join the Marines, following in the footsteps of my older brother who joined the Navy a year earlier. While serving in the Marines as a cook, I would be deployed to many countries including Haiti, Jordan, Italy, Afghanistan, and Germany. While being deployed with the 24th MEU aboard the USS Nassau, the ship I was aboard would end up being attacked by pirates in the Atlantic Ocean in 2010, no harm was done though. Also while serving in the Marines, I would father my first son KJ, and also get married to my first wife. She would give birth to 3 of my children ‪Aaliyah‬, Trayvon, and Kennisha. That marriage would last from 2011-2015.

Finding my Soulmate

After serving 4 years in the military and working at Taco Bell for a year, in addition to a semester of college, I would go back home to live with my Grandma after the passing of my great grandma. I would go to CDL School in Miami to learn to drive semi-trucks. After obtaining my license I get hired working for Schneider Trucking for 3 months, before moving on to become a Table GamesDealer, at Ameristar Casino. There I would find my true soulmate, Shavonia, whom I had previously met in High School. While working at Ameristar and dating Shavonia, she would give birth to my 5th child Athena in October of 2017.

A Passion for Speaking

By January of 2018, I decided to quit my job at the casino, and move to Las Vegas with my family. It was here in Las Vegas where I found my passion for speaking. By November of 2018 I would create my first podcast episode, Positive Minds Only. By 2019, I decided to start my own business Positive Minds Only, so I could help others, in life to become their greatest self. Instead of keeping the secrets to success for myself, I want to inspire the world to evolve collectively. 

If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement, don’t hesitate to send an email to bookings@positivemindsonly.net

My Life's Philosophy

I believe that our thoughts create our reality, so think positive during the good and bad times in life. Our experience in life is full of ups and downs; it is how we think that will determine where we are headed in life.

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